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Holistic chiropractic care that treats the entire body with sincere attention to your specific needs.


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The treatment itself has been straight forward and effective. I appreciate the flexibility in making appointments.
David Donaldson,
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Holistic chiropractic services treats the body as a whole taking into consideration all the factors that can cause painful symptoms.


Are you experiencing an acute sports injury? Chiropractic care can help treat your sports pain.


Migraines are a common issue that we treat at Rockpoint. Chiropractic care for migraines might be the right complement to your overall treatment.


Car, motorcycle, or other vehicle accidents can cause a lasting impact on your health. Rockpoint can help create a treatment plan for healthy recovery.

Chiropractic care can help you get back on track and doing what you love again. Whether that is yoga, sports, hiking, fishing, or any other fun Montana activity.

We create treatment plans that support your needs and help you achieve the level of health you need to live your life.


Our mission is to treat you as a whole person.

Dr. Jarrod Fancher has a reputation for providing remarkably compassionate service. He and his staff do their best to ensure each patient is comfortable, welcome, and cared for when they come to Rockpoint.

Great Staff
"Staff was friendly and Jarrod put my spine where it needed to be the first visit. I highly recommend going here."
Sarah Roeder
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Dr. Jarrod Fancher at Rockpoint Chiropractic has been the best chiropractor I have ever met. I've been receiving chiropractic care since I played high school sports, nearly twenty years ago. Things I love about Dr. Jarrod: 1) His professionalism: he is never pushy about how much care I need. He makes recommendations as needed for more care but encourages me to see him as my schedule and budget allow. 2.) When I refer my own patients to him, I know they will receive excellent care. If he can help him, he does. When he feels their needs are beyond his scope of practice, he refers them to other professionals that may be better suited to fit their needs. 3) His laid-back, friendly and accepting personality. I always feel comfortable in his office and can be myself. I highly recommend him.
Rebecca Adamski
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I met Dr. Fancher when he first came to Missoula. He is the most caring, genuine, and sincere chiropractor I have ever met. Being a father of five children has obviously given him an amazing gift for working with all children and adults alike. I bring all three of my children to see him at once. He is so patient and understanding of each ones needs. He is also amazing at working with children who have autism. He seems to be so passionate about what he does. He makes sure that his patients are satisfied and happy with the services he provides. I would highly recommend Dr. Fancher to everyone I know. You couldn't ever find a better chiropractor and Missoula is so lucky to have him here.
Tam Armstrong
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My bi-weekly visit to see Dr. Fancher keeps me tuned up and ready to go! I really appreciate the good work he does. Office staff is friendly and helpful. I always know they will get me in as soon as they can. A totally great experience all the way around!
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1831 S 3rd St W, Missoula, MT 59801